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The following resources are provided for your perusal.

Radio broadcast

Kehillath Tsion radio show is on Kari Radio 550 Sundays at 4 PM.

Torah Reading

Song, dance and drama are part of at our special events and celebrations.

  1. Purim Puppet Play - The Story Of Esther. This script is an RTF file that should be readable from most word processors.

The Levitical Festivals and Special Days

The Levitical Festivals are celebrated at the Kehillath Tsion Congregation. In chapter 23 of Leviticus eight festivals are mentioned.
  1. Sabbath / Shabbat
  2. Pesach / Passover
  3. Unleavened Bread
  4. First Fruits
  5. Shavuot / Weeks / Pentecost
  6. Rosh haShanah / Yom Teruah New Year
  7. Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement
  8. Succoth / Tabernacles

Other Biblical Festivals

Other scriptures mention festivals that mark significant events in the history of the people of God:
  1. Purim - Deliverance from Genocide - the book of Esther
  2. Hannukah - Rededication of the Temple - the book of Daniel

Other Special Days In Jewish and Israeli Culture

Israeli and Jewish culture also commemorates other special days throughout the year:
  1. Holocaust Memorial Day: 27th January each year. (www.yadvashem.org)
  2. Remembrance Day for the establishment of the State of Israel: May 14th, 1948 (www.mfa.gov.il/MFA).

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